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Designed for demanding environments such as schools with challenging behaviours, offenders institutes and prisons, these custom–made and fully installed facilities offer a safe environment for those with challenging behaviours and aggressive tendencies.

The value of this room is becoming more apparent with the increasing demands on the safeguards of individuals and staff as well as the latest guidance of restraining pupils.

In the 4R environment, individuals have the opportunity to rest, recuperate and recovery in a secure, robust damage–resistant environment. Most importantly, these environments encourage ‘Re–orientation’ such as the re–introduction back into a learning environment.

To be used in conjunction with positive handling and appropriate physical interventions, these facilities offer a comfortable and calming area, any additional furniture, objects or toys can be placed in the room, helping the individual to manage his own behaviour. This area can be continually viewed from outside the room, without putting staff resources under increasing strain. In some cases, by replacing external factors (such as staff imposing control), these rooms can help develop internal mechanisms for calming and fostering understanding of rights and responsibilities – not least individuals are encouraged to manage their own behaviours.

This is an extension of existing interventions for a whole range of needs and operates with the best interests of the individual as its principle to safeguard individuals and respect the ‘Duty of Care’. The initiative encourages the safety of h disruptive individual, his peers and staff alike.

Whilst risk can never be eliminated, these environments aim significantly reduce risk, the number of potential injuries, exclusions, holding and numbers of staff required.

Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum may need the room as part of their Time Out Plan.

These rooms, typically 2m x 3m, are part of a wider structured programme, that includes a individual support plan, an intervention plan and parental responsibility. Each installation is accompanied by a detailed training and good practice workbook to ensure that the room is used safely and appropriately, it is used in conjunction with all appropriate legislation and good practice guidance.

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