Who is it for?

Drivers / Escorts / School staff / Residential Staff and Transport Co–Ordinators who undertake the responsibility of transporting individuals to a variety of locations. (Home-School / School trips / Hospital Appointments ⁄ Social Service visits ⁄ Court appearances & School–Home).

The course looks at measures to reduce the risk of transporting young people with a variety of needs to ensure safe passage.

• Helps staff clarify and understand the role of managing and delivering the service.
• How to respond to violence and aggression in the vehicle.
• Helps service formulate policies and guidance.
• Recording and reporting procedures.
• Risk Assessment of the vehicle, passengers and responding to individuals with known behavioural patterns.


• Ensure the service is in line with Health & Safety at Work regulations 1999.
• Help Escorts and Drivers understand young persons behaviours and have measures in place to deal with it.
• Ensure staff are aware of the services policies on recording and reporting incidents including anti–bullying.
• Identify de–escalation strategies for individual young people.
• Respond calmly and rationally to anger and frustion from service users.
• Put in place risk assessments and behaviour management programmes to safeguard passengers and staff.
• Provide escorts with the necessary tools to identify seating arrangements that best fit the passengers.
• How Drivers and Escorts record passengers whilst on transport.
• Provide Co–ordinators with the necessary information to provide staff with handbooks⁄recording   proformas⁄risk assessments⁄daily logs and how the service is monitoring and evaluating incidents of violence   and aggression towards passengers and staff.

Course Duration

One full day or as part of a two day Team–Teach basic course.

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